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Isabelle Lightwood by Street-Angel
Isabelle Lightwood
Disclaimer: The portraits of Emeraude Toubia and Jemima West were colour dropped from these references respectively Emeraude and Jemima. Colour dropping is where I sampled the colours from the reference image and used them in the painting. Inadvertently it demonstrates with lighting the inspiration for this piece.

The background is official material of the movie and used for non-profit.

I heard on the grapevine that there was going to be a Shadowhunter's TV series and the casting started trickling onto my Facebook newsfeed but mostly I haven't been paying attention. A lot of things in my life have changed and I've been well out of the loop of any fandom or motivation to draw for nearly a year now. But my job doesn't care if I sit with my headphones in all day and so I find myself listening to my collection of audiobooks day in day out. As you may have guessed City of Bones came on (I listen on random because I've read every book I have an audio book of and I'm more than happy to flit in and out of stories) so I had a wonder over to Cassie's tumblr for old times sake.

Where I saw this post.

And this struck me most of all, 'beautiful, badass, vulnerable but indomitable, it just won’t matter and she won’t be “our Isabelle” to some.'

And I knew exactly what I wanted to draw.

I've had lots of people message me saying they love my depiction of the TMI characters. That they're exactly how they imagined them. And equally I image those people and others will have said similar to other great TMI artists such as Cassandra Jean, Kara Lija, Burge, Palnk and so many others whose handles I can't remember off the top of my head.

But really TMI fandom, did you need Cassie to tell you what we've been telling ourselves for years?

There are many many ways for a written character to be realised. And each way is special.

So whether you prefer Emeraude or Jemima or to swim around in the multitude of offerings this fandom provides for your favourite depiction of Isabelle, can we look for the positives in each rather than finding aesthetic reasons to dislike someone?

Reblog on Tumblr
Flora Harmonix Cosplay by Street-Angel
Flora Harmonix Cosplay S.W.A.G Cosplay in conjunction with… Winx Club Cosplay UK… Photo by Robert Mann Photography… Reblog on tumblr

So if you're wondering if I've dropped off the face of the Earth again here's why. Cosplay. If it's not one artistic hobby it's another and they have a way of taking up time right?

Anyway, here's my latest, Flora Harmonix from Winx Club.

The cosplay itself is made from scratch and, interestingly, made entirely out of scraps from other projects. Considering the theme of season 5 was conservation that is kind of apt.

The corset has three layers, a lining, an interlining and a satin finish. The pattern was made from scratch and the boning is plastic. The pink insert has several layers of different pink fabrics cut in wave shapes and finished by fire that are stitched down before it was hand stitched to the corset. The pink bias trim was applied by hand as well as the facing that finishes the top edge. I couldn't get a green zip to match so there's a contrasting pink zip in the back.

The skirt is designed to be a half way house between the artwork and the final series designs incorporating the gradient of pinks with the lightest pinks in the middle but using the multiple petals of the artwork. In the skirt there are three different kinds of satin, crushed taffeta, various organza and a floral lace. I do actually have three layers for the trail but the third was much too long for going round a convention when there was already so much to handle but I will be using for photoshoots.

The wings are fencing wire bend to 4 separate shapes. Chiffon was cut to shape and hand stitched to the wire and then layers of holo dot organza. The holo dot is on one side of the pink wings but both sides of the blue. The further wing decoration is done with pva glue and glitter and hot glued on streams of sequins. The borders were cut to shape, stitched, turned through and finished with fire before being hand stitched onto the wings. The wings are taped together with electrical tape and have a rectangular wire support that goes down the back of the corset.

I'm missing various accessories and details partly due to time and partly due to general wearing restraints. I will be fixing them up though like the hair extensions and the leg ribbons.

In an effort to streamline my social media usage I'm going to only be posting cosplay related stuff to my Cosplay Island or to my Cosplay Page and respective Tumblr . So if you're interested in that side of what I do, that is where to find it from now on. There's tutorials and progress pics and I'll answer any question I'm asked within reason. So unless I have some great work of art photography wise to share this'll be the last of the cosplay stuff for a while.

I'm in a book, oh my gosh.

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 6, 2014, 6:42 AM

So some of you might have read the Faery Rebels series by RJ Anderson. If you haven't, I urge you to do so. Nomad, the 5th book, came out about a month ago and they just go from strength to strength. They have a wonderful way of being sequential and looping back to the previous characters without detracting from each book's central plot and characters.

I started reading Nomad last night at about midnight when I went to bed and didn't put it down till I finished at around 3am. I was about to close the book and go to sleep when I read the acknowledgements.

..and promptly started making very high pitched excited noises. I woke up my cat.

Sleep was impossible after that.

Here are the finished fan-arts I have on DA

You Take My Breath Away by Street-AngelWhisper by Street-AngelLet Her Go by Street-Angel

The first of which was also featured in Neo Magazine
There's also a couple of WIPs on my Tumblr

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Heya! Just wanted to say I love your artwork, I've come across a lot of fanart from a lot of different people, and yours is certainly some of the best, I love your RJ Anderson stuff, and your TMI/TID art too. You truly have a gift for art and I'll be keeping my eye on you :D (I don't mean that in a creepy way FYI)
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